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Electrical Insulation Colored Zirconia Ceramic Parts For Optical Jig Products

Electrical Insulation Colored Zirconia Ceramic Parts For Optical Jig Products

  • Electrical Insulation Colored Zirconia Ceramic Parts For Optical Jig Products
Electrical Insulation Colored Zirconia Ceramic Parts For Optical Jig Products
Product Details:
Place of Origin: Dongguan
Brand Name: mingrui
Certification: ISO 9001- 2015
Model Number: XF- 603
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 pcs
Price: USD 0.99-USD 5.99 each piece
Packaging Details: international protective packing
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 50000pcs per month
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Detailed Product Description
Features: Electrical Insulation Item: Ceramic Parts For Optical
Material: Zirconia Or Alumina Or Custom Application: Optical Jig
Certificate: ISO 9001-2015 Lead Time: 20 Days
Precision: As Fine As 0.001mm Type: Engineering Ceramics
Color: Black, White, Blue Or Custom Manufacturer: Yes
High Light:

superior technical ceramics


advanced ceramics manufacturing

Electrical Insulation Colored Zirconia Ceramic Parts for Optical Jig Products 


Key words :  ceramic parts for optical 


Mingrui Ceramic proposes applying forsterite (especially developed for optical products), steatite, and alumina ceramics to optical products, because these ceramics satisfy requirements such as light blocking effect, junction with glass, adequate thermal expansion coefficient for glass and other peripheral equipment, heat conductivity, specific heat, and electrical insulation. We can also supply colored zirconia and white zirconia for optical jigs.
ceramic parts for optical are increasingly being used in  military aircraft, and have been used in the space shuttle and its equipment for many years. Ceramic applications include thermal protection systems in rocket exhaust cones, insulating tiles for the space shuttle, engine components, and ceramic coatings that are embedded into the windshield glass of many airplanes. These coatings are transparent and conduct electricity for keeping the glass clear from fog and ice.
ceramic parts for optical  are used as heat shields for fire protection and thermal insulation in aircraft and space shuttles because they resist heat, are lightweight and do not corrode. Other significant characteristics include high melting temperatures, resiliency, tensile strength and chemical inertness.
ceramic parts for optical  has excellent high temperature strength, excellent fracture toughness, high hardness and unique tribological properties. Silicon nitride aerospace applications result in superior mechanical reliability and wear resistance allowing components to be used under minimal lubrication without wear. These include jet engine igniters, bearings, bushings, and other wear components.
ceramic parts for optical
Advanced ceramics are playing a critical role in the development of highly-efficient and cost-effective new technologies for space travel. Morgan Technical Ceramics’ division in Erlangen, Germany has been working with a European space development program for a number of years to support its research of ion propulsion systems. A lightweight alternative to traditional chemical propulsion, ion engines have the potential to push spacecraft up to ten times faster with the same fuel consumption, thereby significantly decreasing vehicle size and increasing travel distance.
 Mingrui Ceramic Technology which uses electricity to charge heavy gas atoms that accelerate from the spacecraft at high velocity and push it forwards, traditionally incorporated quartz discharge vessels. Quartz has now been replaced by a ceramic oxide called alumina because of the need for a material with the same dielectric properties but with higher structural stability. Alumina is easier to fabricate and offers good thermal shock resistance, ensuring that the chamber can withstand the extremes of temperature that occur during plasma ignition. It is also lighter, which reduces the costs associated with each launch.
ceramic parts for optical
Ceramic Components for aviation aerospace 

ceramic parts for optical are used to achieve heat resistance. The heat-insulating properties of ceramics have been known for centuries, and the materials are used for thermal control in everything from batteries, magnets, and semiconductors to insulating tiles within aircraft. Ceramics have been adopted for multiple applications the design of space vehicles, including thermal protection from the exterior exhaust and interior protection in the form of insulation.

Unique Properties, Specialized Materials

Whether Mingrui custom ceramic parts are used in our atmosphere, in outer orbit, or beyond, extreme conditions exist that are overcome by the unique properties only ceramics deliver, including:

  1. Electrical Insulation – isolating critical wires and components from damage
  2. Thermal Insulation – resistance to high temperatures
  3. Durability – resistance to repeated and extreme thermal cycling and friction
  4. Corrosion Resistant, Chemically Inert – no contamination of sensitive instruments
  5. Strength to Density Ratios – comparable to the most novel engineering alloys

Mingrui offers ceramic material formulations in both aluminum oxide (Al2O3, alumina) and zirconium oxide (ZrO2, zirconia) as well as specialized, customer defined material including: SiC, B4C and quartz, satisfying virtually any custom ceramic parts application for the aviation and aerospace industries. Our rigorous quality assurance program and going the extra mile, means that whether in the air or in space, the custom ceramic parts we manufacture will do the same for our customers.
Properties of alumina and zirconia ceramics:  

Properties Units 95 Alumina 99 Alumina ZrO2
Density g / cm³ 3.65 3.92 5.95-6.0g/cm³
Water absorption % 0 0 0
Coefficient of thermal expansion 10-6/K 7.9 8.5 10.5
Modulus of Elasticity Young's Mod GPa 280 340 210
Poisson's ratio / 0.21 0.22 0.3
HV Hardness HV MPa 1400 1650 1300-1365
Flexural Strength @ room temperature MPa 280 310 950
Flexural Strength @700°C MPa 220 230 210
Compressive Strength @ room temperature MPa 2000 2200 2000
Fracture Toughness MPa *m 1/2 3.8 4.2 10
Heat conductivity @ room temperature W/ m*k 18-25 26-30 2-2.2
Electrical Resistivity @ room temperature Ω*mm2 /m >1015 >1016 >1015
Max use temperature °C 1500 1750 1050
Resistance to acid alkaline / high high high
Dielectric Constant / 9.5 9.8 26
Dielectric Strength KV/mm 16 22 /
Thermol Shock Resistance △ T ( °C ) 220 180-200 280-350
Tensile Strength @ 25 °C MPa 200 248 252

Company introduction of Mingrui : 
We ( Dongguan Mingrui Ceramic Technology Co., Ltd ) are a professional manufacturer specialized in R&D, manufacturing and selling customized all kinds of high precision zirconia and alumina ceramic parts . Our main products include ceramic rod , ceramic tube, ceramic plunger, ceramic valve, ceramic plate, ceramic shaft and bearing , ceramic nozzle etc , which are mainly used in industrial fields of Machinery, Petrochemical oil and gas, Valves, Automotive, Food Processing, Fluid Handling, Process Control, Thermal Processing, Aerospace, Defense, Eletronic and Electrical, Textile, Mechanical, Engineering, Mineral Processing, etc.
We have a full service include mold design and development , ceramic forming , precision machining and precision detection technology. We have achieved great successes in particular requirements which is based on cooperating with Tsinghua University and getting rich experience by our professional technical engineer teams . Our factory have an unique technical called mirror polishing which improve our products more smooth , bright than other competitors.
We can provide a full set of ceramic solutions for customers , and can custom different kinds of ceramic parts according to customer requirements, so just contact us now !
More photos of Optical Ceramic Components : 
Electrical Insulation Colored Zirconia Ceramic Parts For Optical Jig Products 0

Our High Precision machining work : 
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