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thermal conductive ceramic plates

China Dongguan Ming Rui Ceramic Technology Co.,ltd certification
China Dongguan Ming Rui Ceramic Technology Co.,ltd certification
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quality products. excellent services. on time shipment. very understanding seller. thank you very much!

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Thanks your ceramic rods, I received the goods today, and the packing is very good. After our QC finished the inspection, all the 1000 ceramic rods meet our requirements.thanks

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thermal conductive ceramic plates
Latest company news about thermal conductive ceramic plates

What are the usags and application fields of thermal conductive ceramic plates

Thermal conductive ceramic chip with silicone rubber sheet, and various auxiliary material such as hydroxyl, according to the unique processing technology to generate the heat transfer medium of raw materials, in the manufacturing industry, also called thermal conductive ceramic chip pad, heat transfer in silicon film, flexible heat pad, thermal conductive ceramic gaskets, etc., is designed for use clearance transfer the design manufacture of calorific value, can add sufficient clearance, to hot location with heat pipe radiator, the heat convection between together also has the effect such as insulation, shock absorber, sealing, meet machine equipment practical application and the design scheme of thin, is a process performance and practicability,And thin thick application field wide, this excellent heat transfer filling raw materials.


I. Main usages:

Used for controlling mainboard interface of electrical and electronic commodity, pad and footpad of motor inside and outside, raw material of electrical and electronic, car mechanical equipment, desktop computer host, notebook, disc machine, DVD and everything that must be filled and its heat pipe cooling module.



Ii. Application fields:

Led manufacturing industry application:

1. Heat-conducting ceramic sheet is used between aluminum substrate and radiator.

2. Heat-conducting ceramic sheet is used between aluminum substrate and chassis.


Switch power supply manufacturing industry:

Using heat transfer between Mos tube, transformer (or capacitor /PFC inductor) and radiator or housing,



Iii. Communication industry

1, td-cdma products in the main board interface lC and radiator or housing heat transfer pipe heat dissipation.

2. Heat transfer heat pipe between TV set-top box dc-dc lC and housing.


Application of automotive semiconductor industry:

Thermal conductive ceramics are used in automotive semiconductor industry (such as xenon lamp electronic ballast, sound box, vehicle cutting product series, etc.).


Application of PDP /Led TV:

Heat transfer between power amplifier lC, image decoder lC and heat pipe radiator (housing).



Microwave oven/central air-conditioning (between fan motor output power lC and housing)/electromagnetic cooker (between thermistor and radiator)

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