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Yixing Minghao Special Ceramic Technology Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer specializes in supplying high quality industrial ceramic components for more than 25 years. We mainly manufacture alumina, steatite, zirconia ceramics, refractory products and related special ceramic parts. Our products are widely applied in new-typed lamphouse, textile machinery, electrical appliance, refrigeration equipments, electrothermal instruments, chemical products,new energy industry and so on.Our company ...
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What are the advantages of 99% alumina ceramics?
High temperature stability: 99% alumina ceramic exhibits excellent high temperature stability, maintaining its structural integrity and performance at extremely high temperatures. It has a high melting point and low thermal expansion coefficient, allowing it to withstand thermal stress and thermal shocks in high-temperature environments. Excellent insulation properties: 99% alumina ceramic possesses outstanding insulation properties, making it an ideal choice for electronic devices and electrical components. It has high electrical insulation strength and volume resistivity, effectively isolating currents and preventing electrical hazards. Superior chemical stability: 99% alumina ceramic demonstrates excellent resistance to various chemicals. It can withstand corrosion from acids, alkalis, solvents, and gases, maintaining stability and reliability in harsh chemical environments. High hardness and wear resistance: 99% alumina ceramic has high hardness and exceptional wear resistance, making it suitable for manufacturing cutting tools, abrasives, and wear-resistant components. It can resist wear and abrasive particle damage, extending its lifespan. Biocompatibility: 99% alumina ceramic finds wide application in the medical field due to its good biocompatibility. It is compatible with human tissues, causing minimal immune reactions or rejection responses, making it suitable for medical applications such as implants and joint replacements. Easy processability: 99% alumina ceramic has good processability and can be shaped, cut, and processed using various methods. It can be fabricated into various shapes and complex structures to meet different application requirements.                                        In summary, 99% alumina ceramic offers advantages such as high temperature stability, insulation properties, chemical stability, hardness and wear resistance, biocompatibility, and ease of processing. These attributes make it a versatile material that can fulfill the demands of numerous industries and applications.
What are the uses of 99% alumina ceramics ?
1 High-temperature heating equipment: 99% alumina ceramic is widely used in the manufacturing of high-temperature heating equipment such as furnaces, kilns, and furnace linings due to its excellent high-temperature stability.   2 Crucibles and containers: Due to its outstanding high-temperature stability and corrosion resistance, 99% alumina ceramic is commonly used as crucibles, containers, and pipes in high-temperature melting and chemical reactions.   3 Thermal barrier coatings: 99% alumina ceramic can be used as a material for thermal barrier coatings, protecting metals and other materials from high-temperature corrosion and thermal shocks.   4 High-temperature electronic devices: With its excellent insulation properties and high-temperature stability, 99% alumina ceramic is widely applied in the manufacturing of high-temperature electronic devices such as high-temperature ceramic components, insulation substrates, and high-temperature connectors.   5 Laser and optical applications: 99% alumina ceramic is utilized in laser systems, optical lenses, and optical components due to its high thermal stability, low thermal expansion, and excellent optical properties.   6 Medical and dental applications: In the medical field, 99% alumina ceramic finds use in applications like dental implants, joint replacements, prosthetics, and surgical tools due to its biocompatibility and wear resistance.   7 Cutting tools and wear-resistant parts: With its high hardness and exceptional wear resistance, 99% alumina ceramic is employed in the manufacturing of cutting tools, abrasives, and wear-resistant components.   8 Insulators and electrical components: 99% alumina ceramic's excellent insulation properties make it suitable for insulating components, electrical insulators, and high-voltage applications