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Good quality Alumina Ceramic Parts for sales
Good quality Alumina Ceramic Parts for sales
Customer Reviews
I like these guys made so great ceramic parts at this cheap price. I would always buy ceramic parts from you.

—— Adney

Their quality and service are really good , we want to build long term relationship with them !

—— Mike

Judy,the ceramics pieces from before are working very well. They behaved exactly the same as what we used before. We will order another batch soon.

—— Allan

Judy,I received my parts today. They look great!! Thank you for the great communication. I am very pleased with your company and your efforts

—— David

Hi Judy,Thank you very much for the delivery of the ceramic pieces. I have just put them into our test system and they are performing extremely well

—— Steve

Thanks your ceramic rods, I received the goods today, and the packing is very good. After our QC finished the inspection, all the 1000 ceramic rods meet our requirements.thanks

—— Allen

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  • Production Line

    Our factory located in DongGuan city GuangDong province, next to HongKong and ShenZhen. We specialized  in high precision zirconia and alumina ceramic parts.  We do the whole ceramic process from forming,shaping, sintering,  machining and polishing, we control all  process from powder material to the final finished products ,  therefore our prices are very competitve and the quality can be controlled by ourselves . 




    Dongguan Ming Rui Ceramic Technology Co.,ltd

                                                               Gate of Mingrui Ceramic Factory 


    Dongguan Ming Rui Ceramic Technology Co.,ltd



    Dongguan Ming Rui Ceramic Technology Co.,ltd


    special ceramic kiln for technical ceramic sintering            Dongguan Ming Rui Ceramic Technology Co.,ltd

                                                                             Sintering furnace 



    Dongguan Ming Rui Ceramic Technology Co.,ltd

                                                                       Injection molding machine 


    Dongguan Ming Rui Ceramic Technology Co.,ltd

                                                                           Lapping Grinding Machine 


    Dongguan Ming Rui Ceramic Technology Co.,ltd

                                                                  Centerless Grinding Machine 


    Dongguan Ming Rui Ceramic Technology Co.,ltd

                                                                        CNC machining Center 


    Dongguan Ming Rui Ceramic Technology Co.,ltd

                                                                      Isostatic  Forming Machine 






    Dongguan Mingrui Ceramics Technology Co., Ltd
    is a professional manufacturer of Zirconia ceramics andalumina ceramic structural parts. We have more than 10 senior engineers,technical backbone, more than 60 workshop technicians.

    We produce strengthened structure zirconia ceramic bar, ceramic tube, ceramic shaft, ceramic plate, ceramic sleeve, ceramic valve, ceramic plunger and ceramic arm.

    The products are applicable to instruments,medical instruments, clocks and electronic products, mills, energy and power, autocar and military and some other high-end areas.

    Our ceramic products are mainly used in the industrial field of precision ceramic structural parts, ceramic materials using high-strength zirconia (yttrium stable/magnesium stable/cerium Stable), alumina (97/99/99.5/99.7/99.9/99.99) material.

    Production and sales of ceramic structural parts are widely used in instrumentation, food medicine, solar photovoltaic, mechanical hardware, laser semiconductors, petrochemical, automotive military, aerospace and other high-end fields.



  • R&D
    he use of high-strength zirconia or alumina ceramic raw materials developed:
    with fall resistance, wear resistance, super strong, ultra-hard, high temperature resistance (refractory), super corrosion resistance, never rust, antioxidant, insulation, their own lubrication and other excellent performance!


    1. Technical Strength
    With many well-known domestic universities and scientific research institutions to jointly develop.
    2. Professional
    Mingrui ceramics focus on R&D and manufacturing of new materials, new process ceramics.

    3. Resistant To Fall
    Mingrui ceramics with high altitude fall resistance, ceramics from 2M height after the complete non-destructive, strong fall resistance
    4. Impact Resistance
    Ceramic special structural parts are extremely resistant and superior to other metal products
    5.Resistant Scratch
    Ceramic products with scratch resistance, long-term maintenance of the shape without damage
    6. Wear-Resistant
    Ceramic products have a strong wear resistance, suitable for the placement of heavy objects or the need for frequent cleaning places
    7. Easy To Clean
    Tight impermeable surface, so that dust is not easy to adhere to it
    8. Moisture Resistance
    Ceramic products can be compared with glass water absorption
    9. UV Resistant
    Ceramic products are not affected by weather changes, whether it is sun and rain
    10. Fire Resistance
    Ceramic products on the surface of the burning cigarette has a very strong protection ability
    11. Anti-Static
    Ceramic products proved to be anti-static materials, very suitable for dust-free areas

    12. Chemical Corrosion Resistance
    Ceramic products have a strong chemical corrosion resistance characteristics, anti-acid, anti-oxidation toluene.
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