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What are the primary grain size measurement methods of alumina ceramics?

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Company News
What are the primary grain size measurement methods of alumina ceramics?
Latest company news about What are the primary grain size measurement methods of alumina ceramics?

What are the primary grain size measurement methods of alumina ceramics?



Alumina ceramics after high temperature calcination phase change alumina ceramics, and usually said particle size value refers to the size of alumina ceramics, the original grain size of alumina ceramics and particle size is a world of difference between the two terms.
In recent years, a number of universities and research institutions have conducted their own studies to try to determine the essentials of their measurement, and although relevant reports have been made, the technical details have not been disclosed.
So what are the original grain size determination methods of alumina ceramics?


1. Electron microscopy


The method of measuring grain size by combining chemical decay and scanning electron microscopy is both intuitive and solid. It is an effective method to reflect the morphology and size of grain, but the equipment investment is large and the analysis is high.


2. X-ray diffraction method


The most important is the line width method, which can determine the grain size of pseudobaumite, but the A alumina ceramic series product diffraction spectrum line is narrow and sharp, the experiment shows that there is no;
Funding effect;
Even because of the influence of the mineralizer, the intensity of the diffraction peak is not consistent with that of the JCPDS card, which further affects the accuracy of the quantitative analysis of α-alumina.


3. Nitrogen adsorption small ratio nominal method


Activity of porous material is suitable for, but because from the heat of a alumina ceramics is the density of sintered body, open porosity and closed pores are very few, liquid nitrogen molecules in the gaps in the grain of hard, so the determination of category is limited, the determination of grain size error is bigger also, the principle of the law limits its industrial utilization value.


4. Infrared spectral structure analysis method


Because the size of the receiving band is related to the size of the grain size, a kind of adsorption band area integrator can be introduced into the structure of the infrared spectrometer to calculate the uniform grain size.
The amount of articles analyzed by this method is very small, and it is difficult to obtain representative samples for samples with wide grain size distribution.


5. Grinding method


In the early years, the colleagues of the American aluminum company mentioned this method when they came to China, in a specific volume, with a certain material ball ratio, fixed grinding time, and then use particle size analyzer to measure the grain dispersion and the median diameter of the crushed material D50, and use this method to achieve macro control.


Alumina ceramics, also known as alumina ceramics, is made of aluminum hydroxide raw materials or industrial alumina by high temperature roasting.
It is widely used in refractories, abrasives, ceramics and many other industries.

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